Unlike other Performance Pills, We're Proud to be cGMP Inspected and Compliant! (No e-coli, heavy metals, pesticides, or mold!) Amazing ProSolution™ Pills

ProSolution Pills™ have been thoroughly tested and have been deemed safe to use by physicians and herbalists alike. All of the raw ingredients used in our formulation are regularly tested and certified to be fresh, safe and highly potent. Customer safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. ProSolution Pills™, along with other performance enhancing pills are considered to be nutritional or dietary supplements and as such, these types of supplements are not currently being regulated by the Food and Drug Administration which can lead to significant issues regarding quality control within the industry itself.

The results of a Wall Street Journal investigation have showed that there were some male enhancement supplements that were found to be contaminated with fecal matter, coli-forms, pesticides, molds, yeast and even heavy metals.

Extremely Shocking to say the least, right?

But that doesn't mean that ALL male enhancement supplements are bad. As the ProSolution Pills™ manufacturer, we have taken every conceivable measure possible to ensure the quality of the pills that we manufacture thus ensuring your safety and well-being. We take your safety very seriously and as such, we chose to use the same certified cGMP (cGMP stands for current Good Manufacturing Practice) pharmaceutical manufacturer that is used by leading chain retailers.

Certified Pro Solution™

Made Using High Quality Standards!

ProSolution Pills™ follow high quality standards during their manufacturing to ensure the quality of our product. We meet and in many cases exceed each and every quality requirement – the standards, the tests and the procedures.

This means that:

  • We are fully compliant and certified by the cGMP. Not many other male enhancement products can make that claim.
  • Each and every one of the raw ingredients that we use is sourced from reputable vendors and they are being tested for absolute purity before production is ever started. If an ingredient doesn't meet our strict standards, it is discarded.
  • We have Certificates of Analysis for our ingredients that can prove their potency, safety and freshness. We will provide you with full access to these certificates upon request; all you have to do is ask.
  • A lot number and an expiration date are placed on all of the bottles used to package the ProSolution Pills™ that we produce. These numbers are proof that your safety and our reputation are extremely important to us and that we will do whatever is necessary to keep you safe.

These high-quality standards that we routinely employ benefit us as well, but the main reason we use them is to guarantee your safety and well-being. Ethically and business-wise, there's no other way for us to run our business. Happy, healthy customers are repeat customers and that's good for business!

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