ProSolution Pills™ Email Contact and Customer Privacy Policy

Our Security and Privacy Policy

In the interest of protecting our customers and their confidential information, we utilize only state of the art security technology and encryption processes, ensuring that ordering our products online is safe and secure. As soon as your order has been placed within our online system, you will be directed to our ultra secure server in order to process your credit card information for payment. After your credit card details have been entered into our secure server, your billing address and several other details will be cross referenced with information from your bank and/or credit card company to ensure accuracy. If your billing address or other details do not exactly match what is provided, then we will be unable to process your order online. This is for your protection, not as an inconvenience to you.

Once your order has been processed and payment received, it will be packaged and shipped in a very plain and discreet box. The only thing written on the packaging, other than your name and address, will be “Marabou Limited Inc.” This measure is used to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

As we are committed to respecting our customers' privacy, you can be assured that we will NEVER sell, trade, or lease any of the personal information that you provide to us with your order. As a matter of fact, you will only be contacted by us if there is a problem with your payment method or with your order in general.

Our Email Policy

Mailing lists and email account information for Marabou Limited are managed and administrated by DM Contact Management. They are a mailing list manager only, and they will never send you unsolicited messages concerning our products or offers, unless you expressly give them permission to do so. For additional information regarding the DM Contact Management Email and Privacy Policy, please click here.